What does Satoyama means?

As Matthew Knight explained for CNN in 2010, “Satoyama” is the Japanese name for the landscapes located between villages and the mountains that giving a dual service, had been helping Japanese people for generations while conserving the natural richness of those territories. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)´s data “Satoyama” lands extented as much as 60% of the Japanese territory in 2010. Nevertheless, through the implimentation of the Satoyama Initiative, the concept is not longer exclusive to Japanese territories, becoming an international used noun.


What´s Satoyama Initiative?

Satoyama Initiative was created by the Japanese Government and the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), as an attempt to promote the traditional Japanese land conservation knowledge around the world. Nowadays Satoyama Initiative has grown, becoming a network to share the traditional agricultural knowledge of many parts of the world. 

In Japan, due to decrease of population in rural areas, the Satoyama´s areas are being neglect, becoming once again part of the forest that surround them. 


Satoyama Initiative in Noto Peninsule

In 2011 Noto´s Satoyama and Satoumi was designated as "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems" becoming, together with Sado Island in nigata prefecture, one of the first two regions in japan to receive this recognition. Among the points taken into account there was that Noto´s Satoyama and Satoumi

·         Traditional agricultural, forestry and fishing methods and land use “protect biodiversity”

·         Has traditional technics passed through generations, and worthy to pass on.

      ·         Has farming related cultural and religious festivals that have been conserved through many years. 


Satoyama Initiative and N-project

N-project is mainly formed by a group of students from diferents universities in Ishikawa prefecture that enjoyed with Noto´s charm, started working with local cellars to introduce Noto´s products richness to young people. 

N-project´s activities work along with Satoyama Initiative trying to ensure the continuity of Noto´s Satoyama farming technics by creating a younger fans base. Nowadays, N-project is recognized mostly for working with rice derived Sake but inside the group there is always the good willing to get closer to agriculture through cultivation of vegetables or working with other products as soy sauce.